Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Web Access guide for

Windows 7



What is Remote Desktop Web Access?

Remote Desktop Web Access is a Microsoft technology that provides remote access to applications (RemoteApp) running on a Terminal Server without any VPN connection.


Although the programs are running on a remote computer, they behave as if they are running on your local computer. For example, a remote application has its own entry in the taskbar, and you can resize, minimize, or maximize the program window.



Rules and regulations

When running any RemoteApp, be aware that you are accessing WUSTL computer facilities and should follow all rules and regulations. Be aware that the RemoteApp desktop is not to be used as a file repository. These servers are designed for quick access to WUSTL resources and are not designed to be a daily workspace for WUSTL faculty or staff.




·         To use RD Web Access, your user account must be authorized.  If you need authorization or are unsure about your level of access – please contact your supervisor or the helpdesk at (314)362-4540.

·         Your computer must also be running Remote Desktop Client 7.0 or higher.  (This is already included with Windows 7.)

·         Although optional, a “hotfix” is recommended to ensure single-sign on capabilities.  (Failure to install this hotfix may result in multiple prompts for your name and password.)   


You may download and install hotfix from:



To start a RemoteApp program or the ITC Remote Desktop

1)      Open Internet Explorer and go to

2)      If this is the first time accessing a “remote desktop” you will see a security warning asking if you want to allow the website to run the add-on of “Microsoft Remote Desktop Services”.  Please click “yes” or “Allow”.




Depending on IE version and settings – you may see a screen similar to below instead.



3)      Enter your Username and password in format of WUDOSIS\Username.


4)      Once logged on you will see a screen similar to the below.


5)      Click on the desired application.  (ITC Desktop, Compass, Word, etc. etc.)

6)      Upon first launching of an application you will receive a security warning asking if you want to “trust the remote connection”.  Click Connect to open the application.


Note:  If you receive a second prompt to enter your name and password this is due to failure to install the needed “Single Sign-on hotfix” from Microsoft.  You may download this from or directly from Microsoft at KB 2524668 


You can also enter your name and password in as WUDOSIS\Username and proceed normally.


7)      Depending on which application was selected… It should now open and function as desired.




If you experience any issues please feel free to contact the ITC Helpdesk at (314)362-4540.

When calling please be prepared with the following information.


·         Any error messages being received

·         Operating System and Service Pack

·         Internet Explorer version